Friday, March 2, 2012

50 today

I will spend the day alone. Drew and Samantha moved out this morning. Soooo I have stripped the bed, gotten my shower, feed the chickens, started the laundry, gotten Johnny up, now taking a coffee break before I start cleaning the cabin. I hope I am capable of moving my bed alone cause Drew's puppy and my Chihuahua are not housetrained and they have gone potty under the bed. Plus I want to use the headboard as a guard infront of the window so Sandman can't jump out the window when it is open. Got to get some stuff done before it is time to feed the bottle babies again. I have named the twins, after my grandchildren....Cameron and Staci.

Andrew has already called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Cody sent me a Happy Birthday email and called. SlaveRose called. Several friends have wished me a Happy Birthday online as well. My son Mikey called me LAST fri to wish me a Happy Birthday LOL. I am blessed.

UPDATE.... I managed to move my bed ALONE. OHHHHH what a mess under and around it. Taking a break before I tackle that chore! Washing all my pillows and bedding now.

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