Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wed 3/28/12

Stacie checked all the dogs, while I got her food for the chickens and Bacon. I fed the loose birds, the pups, Molly and the cats.  Stacie and I put a tire and fencing around the fruit tree behind the cabin. Troy helped us do the one near the bath house.  We <Troy did the cutting> got the pine tree that was rubbing the bath house down. I let the chickens out of their coop incase the tree fell on it. It didn't hit the coop but it did ruin my mimosa tree. Then we took the cut off limbs to the fire pit and saved some of the pine cones for Xmas time. 

I am taking a break and then we hope to move the smallest storage shed and put the water tank and bottles in it. 

Storage shed moved but not totally set up yet. 

Got the duck back in the coop but not the chickens, they slept in the goat pen. 

We moved all the yardsale banana boxes into the mobile home for now. 

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