Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today I fed, watered and cleaned the upper 4 dog kennels. Not doing anything else as my toe is killing me.

Gary my back neighbor came down and warned me about the tree over Johnny's cabin. Well I wish I had tons of money like he does and could afford a tree service to take the tree down. I called the next door neighbor Robert and he said the same thing.... get a tree service. Talked to my camper Troy and he too said that. WTF doesn't everyone get??? I am NOW SINGLE and while I can pay the bills, I can't afford a fucking tree service. 
Between the three of them and their combined equipment... chainsaws, tractors, rope, chain etc... I am sure we could safely either move Johnny's cabin or take the tree down. Where did the day of "everyone helps their neighbor go??" If someone needs my help... I am the first one to offer it. I am really disappointed that those days are gone. 

So Johnny will be crashing on my couch til I can figure something out.

Did some more laundry, raked some leaves, moved a few sheets of metal and moved some wood from the second wood pile in the evening before it got dark. 

UPDATE: Sheila and Bobby are gonna come try to take it down tomorrow. 

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