Sunday, March 18, 2012


Good Morning Everyone. Boy it is hard trying to get the pups weaned. They are a month old now. And we are giving them chicken & rice, formula and canned dog food in a bowl. They are NOT liking the formula in a bowl. Cameron cried himself to sleep this morning instead of drinking it and he didn't like the dog food or the dog food mixed with formula. They do like the chicken & rice so Bev is cooking some of that for them. He will need a bath as he is covered in it, when he wakes up. And I will have to clean their cage for a second time this morning. 

BTW is anyone else having flea trouble? They are horrible here!

My foot is throbbing so not sure how much I will get done today. I need to be able to help when Sheila and Bobby gets here. So I am enjoying my breakfast and coffee and then will go do some laundry and get a shower after I finish. 

OK puppies bathed in the shower with me and defleaed as best as possible since they are too young for flea stuff. And I cleaned their kennel. 

I hope everyone has a great day. 

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