Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It is my son Jeff's birthday today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFFEY!

This morning Bev, Johnny and I.... feed and watered all the critters, moved the junk paneling to the burn pile, picked up more trash around the property, burned the trash and moved everything out of the mobile home bedroom. Bev made a nice breakfast of Bacon, Eggs and Toast. The bottle babies Staci and Cameron are doing great. It's only 9:30 in the morning and we are exhausted.

11:27am Update.... I cleaned Daveys, Sam & Brittney's and Fred & Dollys kennels while Bev raked leaves and Johnny brought them to me to put over the wire in the bottom of the three kennels. I also reinforced the repair job on Freddie & Dolly's kennel cause they were trying to tear it apart again. I fixed the tarp over Davey's kennel. Now Bev is making lunch, while I have my aching feet up...waiting my pain pill to kick in.

Jim from north of Tyler came for a visit and we invited him to stay for supper.

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