Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sun 3/11/12

It is still storming in East TX. So not getting anything done outside today and it is not worth getting soaked to do laundry. I did clean the puppies cage this morning. They loved the people milk I gave them last night and are enjoying chicken and rice mush as I type.

The drug store never made it here with my meds yesterday. So this is day 3 with no meds for Johnny and I except his depokate as we had another bottle here. I have a headache from hell and I hurt. GRRR This new drugstore is NOT scoring any points with me.

I am just researching small kitchen design online for the mobile home and drawing sketches of what I want done in the mobile home.

I had a left over sausage for breakfast and need a second cup of coffee.

UPDATE.... this day is starting to SUCK!

Drug store didn't bring our meds AGAIN and now they are closed. 
Johnny dumped scalding water over my legs and blanket. 
Johnny is acting out due to NO MEDS.
The mobile home roof, which Drew said wouldn't leak.... is soaking my new sub floor in my bedroom. The POS door Drew installed won't stay closed and there is still no second door on and the old windows lots of stuff getting wet. 
AND I am not dealing well with anything today since I have also been without meds since Wed. 

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