Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thurs 3/29/12

I overslept this morning. 

Sandman yanked me off my feet trying to chase my goats and I fell and got hurt again.

Let Billy out of the goat pen and put the girls and babies in there as Patti kept getting her neck stuck in the fence. The chickens LOVE the goat pen.

Cleaned Buddy/Allie and Murphys' cages. Changed their water and gave them dry/wet food and treats. 

Stacie fed/watered Davey, the goats, chickens and Bacon. 

Johnny and I went to Court FP, Pawn Shop, Iron feed store, McDonald's,Tractor Supply, and Walmart. 

Picked up my gun at the PawnShop. 
Got 2 creep, 2 dog food, 1 oats, 1 alfafa pellets, penicilin, 2 puppy shots, 6 4 pks veggie plants at Iron Feed. 
Got Johnny a chicken sandwich and both of us a soda at McD's. 
Got 2 ducklings, chick feed and puppy formula at TS. 
Got some clearance meat, block of cheese, light bulbs, amno, gun cleaning kit, gun oil and gun rags at Walmart. THEN realized my $100 Walmart Gift Card was missing. I am pretty sure I put it in my wallet, but it is GONE. I am not happy at all. As money is soooo tight for the month of April. 

Talked to Drew on im this afternoon. As usual he tells me what he thinks I want to hear. Tells me he is not living with Samantha, like I am fucking stupid. 

Stacie set up the ducklings cage for me. I gave StacyLynn her puppy shot and gave Cameron his puppy shot with some penicillin in it. I have been force feeding him puppy formula. 

I got Troy to show me how to load, clean and shoot my new 40 cal handgun.

Gave Cameron a bath in the bathhouse shower.

Made myself a cheese steak for a late lunch and had my last piece of cheesecake from my birthday party. 

DANG the flys are BAD. I think with the mild winter, all the bugs are gonna suck this yr! 

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