Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wed 3/14/12

Let's see our day started at 430- 5 when the puppies wanted their bottles.

 Then I started laundry, fed the cats and chickens, while bev fed the goats and pig and starting burning brush. 

Then we had breakfast. And I did emails and my zoo on facebook.

Troy borrowed the suv to pick up some of his stuff. 

I got Johnny up and peeked in the smallest storage shed. UGHHHHH That is gonna be ALOT of work. It will have to wait til another day! 

I just cleaned 4 dog kennels, scrubbed their water buckets, fed them, then gave the pig and goats fresh water. I am taking a break and then out to do the last 2 dog kennels. 

Well Bev, Johnny and I moved half of one of the wood piles, so I didn't clean the other two kennels today... I will do them tomorrow when I can walk again. 

Does all the Palestine Pharmacies have GOD COMPLEXES??? 
First repeatedly sucky service at Walmart.
Then Hometown nightmare, bad service and RUDE pharmacist. 
NOW Kroger had my prescriptions for 2 days and StILL doesn't have them all ready. Informed me there was a problem with my ins on the one script and another is no longer available. BUT they didn't have time to call my ins or dr or me to straighten this out. Doubt they will have my drugs ready for pickup tomorrow like they are supposed too. 

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