Thursday, March 1, 2012

Princess ran away

Princess ran off about 5 this morning. I am not sure how she got out. She must have climbed out of the kennel, but there is a tarp on it??? I have been bottle feeding her pups all day.

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  1. You really can not contain a GP. She might show back up at her original owner's house. You will probably only really want to keep one and I suggest either on of the pups. That way you can keep them with the goats and train them yourself. We raised ours with the animals we wished them to care for. It has worked out great.

    The eat a whole lot though. If things would have worked out different we would have only had one but the powers that be saw that we had two. I will say dog food goes rather quickly here. That is the only drawback to a GP that I know of.

    I hope Princess is ok and keep taking care of those puppies. You shouldn't have any trouble finding homes for GP here in East Texas. - G