Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tues Oct 30th 2012

Yesterday I cleaned all cages and put fresh hay in the boxes. Cindy got out of the car while I was unloading and damn if I can find her. I am worried sick. I caught Cinders, Sandy and Patches and brought them in last night due to how cold it is outside. I double fed the dogs last night, so I don't have to feed them today. I want to buy feeders so it doesn't kill me everyday tending them.

This morning Lacy is sicker, water diarea and throwing up. I gave her some special food and meds.

I have Mindy inside also due to how cold it is outside. I still need to catch Molly and FatCat. I need to buy or borrow a trap.

Not sure what I am gonna do today. Maybe start moving some wood piles.

I found Cindy dead outside which kills me.

Went to town. Got a bag of bread and tasty cakes. Picked up a few things at the dollar tree. Filled up on gas. I estimate I am getting 350 miles to a tank. Picked up a heater at the Family dollar. Found a guy that will deliver a roll of hay for $50.

I piled some wood when I got back from town. Johnny fed the chickens and the goats have a bale of hay.

Have the dryer repair guy coming tomorrow.

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