Saturday, October 6, 2012

You might wonder what is new in my life. Not much... as usual broke and bored. 

Sept was a nightmare. Threw out 2 couples that were living out here as volunteers. Suv broke and needs major repair. Laptop broke. Let Dish go to pay for SUV repair. Mark took the parts for the SUV back and spent the money and cracked the heads on my SUV driving it around hot. Dryer broke. And those were the highlights. Alice stayed for a while with 7 of her pets. 2 ran away. When she left she did take Sandman with her. 

Oct has not been any better. I bought a 97 honda accord from AAA auto sales in  
Elkhart on Mon and trying to get it legal has been crazy. It was in their shop... Mon, Tues and Thurs and still not inspected. Thurs I went to Jacksonville and the damn thing over heated, I had to buy a tow strap for $30 and give Bobby and Sharon $40 in gas to tow it to the shop and then run me home. 
Of course I missed the appt to have the garage that has the suv follow me to my son's house with the suv on Fri and I will miss the pizza party with Burette's group tonight. Of course the garage's owner has a cell phone and that number is not listed and my cell phone is dead since the car's lighter doesn't work to charge it and that is where his number is. Robert next store is gonna give me a ride to the garage Monday to see what is going on. 

Today I found the freezer outside had stopped working and all the meat on the top two shelves had spoiled. 7 large packs of meat. With meat prices. I could cry. I gave Robert next door some extra food I had around. 

I am trying to find someone else to live out here to help me. 

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