Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 26th 2012 weekend

It was wonderful seeing my friends. But all the stress with hotel issues and venue issues over the weekend, I am really glad to be home. Plus I was worried about my critters. We did raise over $500 for the rescue which is AWESOME. I picked up Mindy and Cindy from the vet today. Took Hope the new pup and Katie to the vet, got more meds for Mindy, the kittens and Hope. The vet bill was about $326. So it was very nice being able to pay it. I got 2 bales of hay and cleaned all the kennels. At dark I am gonna let the dogs out for a pee and bring in the kittens. Cindy ran off when we got home so I hope she comes to the door so a coyote don't get her. I will be heading to bed real soon.

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