Sunday, October 7, 2012

8/10-8/12 and Fundraiser @ Randy's

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Sun 8/12/12

Bobby and Jennifer worked the sale today since I was in so much pain. 

Billy is still doing good and so are the kittens and the puppy. We bought pizza for dinner tonight since the kids were tired.
Sat 8/11/12 Bobby and I scored a bunch of wood and wainscoating from the dumpster at the old Ryan's. It took 3 trips to get it all home.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

We did fantastic fri, got BeBop adopted sat, took in a doxie pup Sparky, and did so so on Sun. <I stuck out to a couple yardsales on Sat while I got some flyers made up.> I bought a bunch of supplies for the bottle baby kittens and puppy as well as hay, dog and cat food with the money we raised. 2 people donated dog food, 1 cat food and 5 people donated yardsale items during the weekend. God is good and helps keep us open by sending Angels when we are in need!

FRI, SAT and SUN...Adopt Me Rescue Fundraiser!!! Donations being accepted! Randy's Oil Spot 300 W Palestine Ave, Palestine 8am-??


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