Sunday, October 7, 2012

8/22 and 8/23 2012

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Thurs 8/23/12 
Picked up Marshia and David, Ang, Jenn, Marsh and I went to Court FP...they were out of food and closed. Wow that is really scarey. Took Marsh home and picked up Johnny. Then we took Jenn to the ER for her spider bite. Then we grabbed some wood from the king buffet dumpster and Lowes. When we got home we moved the deck and had Troy help us set it on the blocks. The wood is warped so we soaked the deck with water and put heavy blocks on it. Hopefully that will fix the deck so we can start building. 
Wetting/weighing down the deck
David, Bobby, Jenn
almost level!
Me Looking on, Clothing line in background.


Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Wed 8/22/12
I had to set some folks straight at my place. Don't like it, but I do what needs done. David and Ang took Johnny to dr while I was at Dr martins. Dropped Johnny off at Marshia's. David, Ang and I went and worked on the pink house til almost dark. 


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