Sunday, October 7, 2012

7/22 - 7/27 2012

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Fri 7/27/12
Jessica brought David, Angela and Chris last night to stay with and help me around here. 
This morning we tended all the critters, put in clean hay, cleaned the water buckets and feed everyone. Now I need a nap, but first I need food. The dogs are all doing great. 
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Thurs 7/26/12

Made the dogs chicken soup and scrambled eggs to go with their dog food this morning. Feed everyone and will clean kennels this evening. Took Rosie to Court FP and picked up Marshia's food. Johnny is still there helping her.  Buddie got out of his pen and is now in the cabin with me. Cause I couldn't catch him and my leg is now hurting from trying. Freddie is in BeBop's kennel and I brought a small kennel in for the little dogs when I have to go outside. 

GREAT NEWS!!! SANDMAN, DOLLY and DAVID are safe and on their way here as I type. Marie was able to pick them up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Wed 7/25/12

Johnny stayed over his mom Marshia's last night to help her, so this morning I tended the critters alone. I made the dogs a huge pot of  Ham, veggie and rice soup to go with their dog food.  They loved it. I did some laundry but not alot else.  Hopefully tomorrow Marie will be able to get David, Dolly and Sandman back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Tues 7/24/12

Tended all the critters, gave the dogs Peanut Butter Sandwiches and treats. Took Marshia to the ER for her leg. Got a flat, Randy gave me a tire til payday...thank goodness that Johnny and I made it to his garage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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 Mon 7/23/12

This morning I raked the kennels, cleaned the water buckets, feed and watered all the critters. Did some laundry. 
This afternoon I made Pork fried rice. I used ground pork, fried onions, rice, eggs and teriyaki sauce. It turned out really good. 
This evening Johnny is watching Python for the millionth time. LOL After that is over we are gonna go out and work on the lumber pile again. 
I really miss my camera as I can't post pics here. 
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Sun 7/22/12  
Sun Evening... Today we gave the outside dogs a treat of Peanut Butter Sandwiches which they love. 

BeBop <the new chihuahua> is so sick, I worry about him. I wormed him yesterday... so I hope the bloody mucus stools will clear up. 
We watched Dying Young with Julia Roberts and boy that was a great movie. 

Wow after 5 yrs or so of not being able to update my website GoDaddy finally tells me I have free websites! So I had them delete my paid sites and I am trying my hand at building two new sites.  This one and one for my rescue...
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