Sunday, October 7, 2012

8/13 and 8/14 2012

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Tues 8/14/12
I couldn't sleep and so packed the grand kids boxes and rearranged the 2 dog crates to make more room.Finally went to bed around 3am. 
Bobby, Johnny and Jenn are tending the critters.

Bobby and I went n got a load from the New Summerfield house, came back and unloaded that and then went over and worked on the pink house and brought a load back from that. 

Jessica brought David and Angela back. YAHHHH!!! 

Ang broke out from the cats so the momma and 9 kittens spent the night with me. Everytime they cried, I woke up. I gave up trying to sleep around 4am.   

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Mon 8/13/12
All animals tended, kennels cleaned, water changed. Switched Sandman and Buddy. Had a lady bring a momma cat and her 6 five day old kittens, hopefully the momma and our 3 bottle babies will bond
Robert next store put my hitch on my suv and it took several hrs, due to being for a different vehicle. Bobby and Jenn brought back a load of yardsale stuff. 

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