Sunday, October 7, 2012

8/16-8/18 Sparky sick, David birthday, new pups

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Sat 8/18/12
It's David Birthday! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! The kids tended the critters. 
I picked Sparky up from the hospital and stopped at a few yardsales on the way home. Picked up a couple things including a fold out leopard chair for $3, a calf bottle for $2, a fan for $2, a mixer for $2, a sm box of nails for $1, 2 books for $1, 2 bracklets for $3, 2 angels for Johnny for $1.50, 2 muffin pans for $1, a glass oven dish for 50 cents, and a large cup with lid for 25 cents. 
Picked up a couple groceries at HEB. The four kids went to town overnight for David's birthday. 
Sparky is so happy to be out of that hospital. 
We have 5 new rat terrier puppys. It is still raining/storming off and on. 

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Fri 8/17/12

Bobby and Jenn tended the critters. David and Ang ran Marshia and got the last of the yardsale stuff. Ang, Jenn and I sorted all the freezer food.  Bobby, Jenn and I sorted the tools and hardware out of the mobile home we could find. All of us cleaned out the rv space behind my cabin. Ang and I went to a yardsale and got a bunch of stuff for $27 including a ladder, dog house, 4 way, drill bits, feeders, some plumbing stuff, a nailer, a shelf, 2 metal saw horsers, etc. Great score! 

Sparky is still in hospital. 

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Thurs 8/16/12
David and Bobby went to work on the pink house. Ang and Jenn tended the critters.

Sparky got sicker. Jessica and Taipan came and took him to our new vet. He is so sick they kept him to stablize him. The vet is accepting donations for his care and I have a foster lined up. Donations may be called in to... 

Houston Co Vet 2105 N 4th St Crockett Tx
ask for Melissa
            936 544 2174      .

Any funds left over will be used for our next sick animal. 

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