Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tues Oct 9th 2012

Mike at AAA auto got my heat and lighter fixed on the honda today. I have to take it back so he can work on the windows and AC. 

Got some clearance grocerys and some of Johnny and my meds at Krogers today. 

Did one load of laundry. 

Still trying to find someone to stay with me. Got to get over to where the SUV is to have it towed out to Bobby's place. Got to get to both locations where we were tearing down houses. Sooooo much to do and soooo little money to do it all with. 

Things are some better with one less dog. I am glad Michele took David back yesterday. 

The worm med's didn't seem to help. The kittens still have diarea. It is pretty gross. They sit on you and the diarea comes out of their little hineys. Poor babys. I have to find the pepto tomorrow. And have to get some dishes and laundry done. Both are piled sky high. Got to scrub the cabin again too. Between the kittens and the puppys. UGHHH 

Thurs have the Court FP, lead the garage with the SUV to Bobby's, then go back to AAA garage with my honda. 

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