Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sun Oct 7th 2012

Sept wasn't a good month and Oct is proving to be worse.

Bought the 97 honda accord on Mon the 1st and it has been a nightmare ever since. Front windows don't work, AC works so so <wired with stereo wire which can cause fire>, lighter don't work<so no way to charge cell>, horn don't work, heat don't work, no radio, still not inspected from what I know. And then the POS strands me in Jacksonville @ McD's. Had to buy tow strap <$30> and give Bobby and Sharon $40 for diesel to tow the sucker back to AAA auto where I bought it and take me home. Hopefully Bill has everything done by tomorrow when I go check on it.

Yesterday I went to get meat out of the freezer and it was all bad. The freezer had broken. Dryer still broke. Cell is off til I can get the car back.

I still need a computer.

David decided to cage fight with Sam and Hunter so I had to switch him and Murphy. I can't do these large dog aggressive animals with my health. So I told Michele and Marie that Michele has to come get David.

I am worn out. Hopefully things will get better.

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