Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sat 7/28/12

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art 
Sat 7/28/12
I wish my camera hadn't disappeared, I had all 8 inside dogs in bed with me last night. But someone pooped on my bed. EWWWWWW grossed me out. Dolly and Freddie had a blast playing together in the yard this morning. They wore each other out.  The kids <David, Ang and Chris> are out giving the dogs the soup I made for them on top their dog food and tending all the critters.  Then Ang and I will get ready to head to Tyler to meet Bob who is giving us a ride to Dallas. WOOHOOO...LuckyAlbatross gave me a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Update pics of my friends that Sassy took...


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