Sunday, October 7, 2012

8/3-8/6 2012

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Mon 8/6/12
Buddy got into the goats pen around 3am and tore into poor Billy. I got him out and the kids tended Billy. My son Jeremy turned 22 today. Dropped Johnny off at Marshia's and her, Ang and I went to the Cath FP but they wouldn't give Ang since she didn't have proof of address. Took Marshia to do her shopping, found some free windows and paid one of the property taxes. Took a nap. Now waiting for Jenn and Ang to make dinner. Bobby and David are cleaning out Johnny's cabin to put down carpet.

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Sun 8/5/12
We waited for Bobby and Jennifer to arrive. They were late getting here so we didn't leave for the pink house til around 230. We worked there til around 9pm and did get the house down. But boy I hate whiney women.

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Sat 8/4/12We slept in as it was our day off. Then David, Johnny and Ang tended the critters and Ang and I went to some yardsales. I got a bunch of cheap clothes, alot for Ang, some for David, some for Johnny, some for my grandkids...Cameron and StacyLynn and a couple pieces for me. We got some games, movies, toys and other odds and ends. Got home around 230pm and then Ang and I headed to Lindale for one yardsale leftovers pickup for our upcoming fundraiser and then to Tyler for another. We met up with Burette's group at China King at 7pm and headed for home around 9pm. Got home around 1030pm. It was a very nice day. 

Twisted Tree Divider Purple Clip Art

Fri 8/03/12
I overslept, then we tended the critters and headed out. 

We stopped at a couple yardsales <got some hotwheels/matchbox stuff and shirts for my grandson Cameron, some shorts, sneakers and a purse for Angela, a pair of pink crocks for me for a quarter,  a case iron pot for $2, an alarm clock for $1, a game ...stuffed dog pillow a quarter, stuffed dog 5o cents and a spider man tv game $1 for Johnny and other odds & ends and also found a bunkbed frame and a bunch of jeans in David's size in someone's trash pile. 

David, Ang and I went to the Pink house and got a bunch done. I was so tired, I forgot to take pics. It is ashame alot of the wood has termite damage and I won't risk using it. So it will stay there and be burned.

I stopped at Walmart and got a different folding chair and money for the rent and some mexican food for supper.  I paid the mortgage on the way home. 

Now David, Ang and Johnny are playing Memory game. 
We are taking tomorrow off as we are all exhausted. 
Sunday we are going back to the NewSummerField first house.

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