Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's Coupon meeting and Today's Savings

Today was our first coupon meeting. I really enjoyed exchanging ideas. Here is a list of my savings from today.

I started today with a $6 Register Reward from Walgreens from purchases made there yesterday.

I bought a Tylenol precision pain patch on sale for $7.99... used a $5 manufacter coupon and a $3 Walgreens coupons and made .01cents on the deal!

I bought 2 packs of socks for hubby on sale for $2 a pack.

I bought 4 boxes of curad kids bandages on sale for 99cents and used 4 50cents manufacter they were 49cents each.

My total after coupons were $5.95... and I wanted to use my $6 RR... so I bought a 33cent carmel to put me over $6 so I could use it. After the $6 RR I paid 28cents.

Let me recap...

Tylenol Precision Pain Patch
2 pks socks
4 boxes bandages
1 carmel
Kroger has certain products that if you buy 10 mix n match you get $3 off your total price for each 10 items thru Tuesday.

I saved $62.46 using my Kroger Card and another $10.99 with coupons.
76 Items...TOTAL PAID only $88.94... SAVED $74.45!!!
I started out the day with a $3 EB <extra care bucks earned on earlier purchase,
rainchecks for ban deodorant and colgate toothpaste.

First transaction...2 tooth paste $2.79 each... I had 2 75cents coupons and used
the $3 EB... total with tax paid out $1.08 AND I earned a $2 EB for my next

Second transaction...Ban deodorant...$2.99 - 75cent coupon ...used my $2 EB from
transaction #1...paid out .24cents! And earned a $2 EB for next time.

Out of the magic coupon machine today I got coupons for a free Hersey Air candy
bar...cost $ cost FREE! and $1 off Twizzler large pack...cost
$2...after coupon only $1.

So to recap
Ban Deodorant
2 Colgate Toothpastes
Hershey Candy Bar

My cash outlay... $2.32 cents and left with a $2 EB off my next shopping trip.

I also remembered my green tag... if you buy one for 99cents... they scan your
tag each visit using a reusable shopping bag...on the fourth trip to store you
earn $1 EB.
Family Dollar...
Hubby loves Axe products...normally $4 or more each... a bonus pack was on sale
for $ you got 2 things for less than the price of one AND I had a BOGO
coupon <buy one...get one free>. So hubby got 4 Axe products for less than we
normally pay for 1!

French's mustard was on sale for $1... I had a 50cents coupon and stacked it
with a Family Dollar .25 cent coupon... total price .25.

Cutter insect repellent double pack was on sale for $5 and I had a $1.50 I only paid $3.50 which is less than I have paid in the past for
just one can.

Lysol kitchen anti cleaner was on sale for $2 and I had a $1 coupon... total
price $1!

Pinesol was on sale for $2 and there was a 25cent coupon on it and I LOVE

I had a spend $25 and get $5 off coupon to start with so...

21 items purchased including 12pk toilet paper... $12.60 in coupons... total


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