Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was violently ill around 130pm today and Drew talked me into going to the ER. We got home to a nightmare, my sons dog had gotten out of his kennel and killed one of our cats and most of our chickens, only 10 birds alive that we saw. Drew fixed his kennel and put him back in. We went out to put up our 10 birds as we do every night <they free range during the day> to find Murphy had tore up the kennel again and killed more birds... all we found was Phyliss our Polish Game Hen and Romeo our Moscovy Drake <male duck>... and he will probably be dead by morning from his wounds. I am sick and heartbroken. I loved sitting out in our yard watching my birds. Most of them I raised from a couple days old. All my silkies, my salmon favorelle breeding pair, all my silver lace wynndots, Cher my other Polish Game hen..I have never beaten an animal before in my life... well after the second round I took one of the dead chickens and beat that dog senseless, if I had had a rifle I would have shot him. He wasn't hungry... he didn't eat them... just senselessly killed them and my kitten Lucky. I can't stop crying. The dog is now in a wire crate inside the now empty chicken coop til morning when I can think rationally.

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