Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freezing tips

I got this from a yahoo group I am on....

did you know that you can freeze....

Potato chips,corn chips, and popped popcorn several of our members do
for lunches but a lady on another list just freezes them and says they
stay fresh for months. also keep ice packs in freezer for emergencies.
The school freezes wet paper towels in plastic zip bags for emergency
injuries or burns. you can freeze your damp clothes if you do not have
time to iron..this prevents mildewing. If you have candlewax or
chewing gum on most fabrics...freeze and a lot of it should come off
easy. when freezing milk in the carton remove some as it expands.
freeze your candles before using and they will burn slower and last
longer. hot weather..fill drinking containers half full with water or rest when ready to take out .It will keep you water or
beverage cold for hours. I did this for my son to take to work. Filled
a gallon container and then when packing his lunch added another half
a gallon. He worked hard and this gave him cool healthy beverages all
day long.(comments are those of op)

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