Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

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Thanks to everyone that came out. We had a ton of folks at The Sterling, over 40 at SAnc <WHERE WAS EVERYONE?>, and an intimate pool party. The weekend was wonderful and I want to thank Camo Claus, TC, our elves would made the presents <slave rose, karbear and whitemoon> and who helped all evening <Charles and Meghan>. I HUGE thankyou to Miss Lily for opening her home to us, and for Lady Maggie and Karla for hosting it.

This group is amazing and we hope to see more of you in August. Master Cage is checking on a discount rate at our fav hotel for a hotel party. So keep your ears opened.

We collected a bunch of stuff for the homeless shelter and a bunch of food for the rescue. BIG BIG thanks to Tom, Slave Rose, Danni, Alexis, Phoenix Momma and Scrapdog for those donations. Sorry if I missed anyone else that brought food or gave a cash donation for the rescue but it was a pretty crazy night. Grins.

Love you all and can't wait til next time!

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