Sunday, July 3, 2011


2 Days ago I was at CVS and Karen called me.... turns out she was a couple stores over called Rue21. They had men's jeans on clearance for $5! So I headed over there. I got Drew the 2 pairs they had in his waist size and found a nice dress shirt on clearance for $8 and a wallet for me on clearance for $3!

Then I headed to Walgreens... they had charcoal replacement tins reg $6 on clearance for $2.99... each one had a $1 now coupon attached.... so the 6 I got only cost $1.99 each. Of course I had to get a mgr to authorize the coupon cause the reg refused it.

Yesterday Walgreens had men's Dove 6pk soap on sale for $6... buy 3 and get $6 back <$18-$6=$12>. I had 3 $4 coupons <$12-$12= FREE>... well of course they only had 2 pks <often a problem at Walgreens>. So after ALOT of polite arguing the mgr agreed to allow my 3rd coupon on another of their Dove 6pks that was the same price, the cashier just rang the men's soup twice so my coupon would work. With tax I paid appr .50cents for $18 of soap.

Our coupon groups first meeting is today at 1pm at McDonald's, being a holiday weekend I am not sure who will show up. But I will be there. Drew is not going so I will have more time to plan my shopping strategy. I plan on hitting the Family Dollar with my $5 off $25 purchase....Kroger is having a buy 10 items get $3 off sale... and of course will be checking out deals at Walgreens and CVS. I much prefer CVS of the two drug stores.

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