Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spoiled Chickens....dinner time!

Diesel with Juliet and Romeo

One of my black silkies, Romeo, Juliet and one of the silver lace hens

Salmon Favorelle Hen Ethel


Fred and Ethel and one of the silver lace wynndots


Dusty our Paint Silkie Rooster

Prince and Phyllis Diller our Polish Rooster and one of his hens

Prince, our Polish Rooster

Rusty our silkie mix rooster

I love my Polish Rooster Prince

One of my Two Black Silkies

Juliet my female duck

So glad I won the bid on Rusty

One of my barred rock roosters

Drew holding Prince

Drew holding Dusty

Drew holding one of the barred rocks

Drew holding Fred

Dusty and one of his girls

Drew with a Silver Lace Hen

Drew with a Silkie

A silver lace wynndot hen and Ethel
Our chickens are spoiled rotten as you will see if the pics...

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