Sunday, May 27, 2012

TRIP TO DALLAS fri 5/25/12

Couldn't wait to leave on fri to go to Dallas. Carol and I left early Fri morning after the animals were tended, later than I wanted to leave since 2 chickens and 2 dogs got loose. And I realized that the bad food at been left were Lucy could get it and so had insulation. I can't wait til my company is gone. I can't take the stress. Got some stress relief with Norris.

I had a wonderful time at Pappa's and Karoake with Bunny and Carol.

Sat.... I had a great time at our meet and greet, then an even better time with Paul and the rest of our group. Carol spent the night with David.

Sun...had more stress relief with Norris..... found out that my pig and Freddie and Allie got out, Freddie is bloody and my pig is missing, Carol and David are gonna try to find him and fix the kennels.... met Chris and another gentleman at Denny's at 75 and spring valley. Gonna rest the remander of the evening. Staying til tomorrow or Tues.

I was very very upset today, I am surrounded by morons ...then when I needed someone today due to being upset .... I found out I wasn't that important. Kinda sad about that. But life moves on. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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