Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The economy

How do you feel about our economy these days? I personally believe we are in a severe recession and things could be heading towards another depression. I am wondering how this is effecting my members. I honestly believe the only way to survive these bad times is to help each other. With the price of gas, the drought & lack of hay in TX, food prices climbing, unemployment still sky high, I fear things are gonna keep getting worse. Some of my out of state rescue groups are asking for donations to help get hay to starving Texas livestock, <which I believe is gonna push meat prices over the top>. How is everyone doing? How is the economy effecting you? What are you doing to fight it?
We limit our trips anywhere and when we have to go to town we combine errands.
We shop early morning to beat the heat and get the clearance meats and other clearance foods at Walmart and Kroger.
We shop with coupons...matching good coupons with sales.
We tried the garden but that didn't work so well.
We clean the AC frequently to save on energy.
We line dry some of our laundry to cut down on using the dryer.
We use the toaster oven more then our elec stove to save on more electricity.
We were having fresh eggs til our chickens were killed.
We hope to have a baby goat soon which will mean goat milk, and home made cheese & butter.
We qualify to go to the food pantrys in town so we do. <REMEMBER, pride will NOT feed your family, if you qualify and need it - USE IT! Dial 1211 to find one near you>
We buy most clothing and household items at yardsales and thrift stores.

Other tips you might use....
Take a limited time shower instead of a bath to save water.
Don't run the dishwasher without a full load.
Install water saver heads in your shower/sink/tub.
Clothes that are only worn for a short time period can be hung outside to freshen instead of throwing them in the wash.
Shower with a friend!
Buy out of season clearance clothing.
Barter services and goods.
Trade clothing with a family member or friend to increase your wardrobe choices.
Turn up the AC and down the heater temps. A few degrees won't be that noticeable and will save energy.
Using elec blanket or mattress pad can enable you to lower the heat even more during the winter.
What tips can you add?

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