Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well mapquest routed us a LONG ass way. But it took us thru Jackson MS and we got to see Andrew! He took us to breakfast at Denny's yesterday morning. By the time we got into Dallas, both my legs were swollen double there size and I had to go to ER. So we spent the night at Norris & Brandy's in Garland. Today I will take Drew to the ER for his back and stop at the 99cents only store to pick up some groceries. Then it is home to pay bills and see all my Furr Babies. Life is very very good. I had a great time. I didn't get to see my sister on this trip, as we left PA early on Mon due to the snow storm that was coming in. We passed 16 accidents in VA. It was bad. I am glad to be back in TX. I hope to take Drew to PA this summer to meet the rest of my family, but we are either gonna spread the trip out over a few days or fly. No more 24 hrs straight in a car for me.

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