Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sherman and Kim's Wedding Day

Jeremy holding his daughter StacyLynn

Jeff Holding StacyLynn

Me holding StacyLynn

Sherman and Jeremy

Sherman, Cameron and Mike

The Pastor reading 

Me, Jeremy, Cameron and Kayla 

Jeremy, Shannon, Paster, Cameron, Carrie holding StacyLynn, Mike, Kayla holding Marquese

Mike and Shannon 

Jeff, Shannon, Jeremy, Cameron, Carrie holding StacyLynn and Mike 

Shannon, Jeremy, Carrie holding StacyLynn

Kathy and Bill <Sherman's grandfather & his wife>

Shannon, StacyLynn and Cameron

Jeremy holding StacyLynn and Carrie 


Carrie and Jeremy

Cameron making faces and Shannon his mom 

Kiara, Marquese and Kayla

Kayla and Marquese

Jeremy and his gf Carrie

My son Jeremy


Jeremy and Shannon 

Jeremy, Cameron and Shannon 

Me holding StacyLynn and Kayla holding Marquese

StacyLynn and Marquese

Mike, Shannon, Cameron, Kiara and Carrie 

Mike, Shannon, Cameron, Kiara, Carrie and Jeremy

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