Saturday, October 8, 2011

Any preppers, homesteaders or frugal folks want to chat?

by MsDawn less than a minute ago
I am bored. Drew's back is locked up from our trip to Crandall to get Molly, Buddy and Freddie fixed  yesterday and will most likely be in bed all day..... sooooo I am looking for someone to bullshit with. Any new projects? Got some accomplished? Projects you have on hold?
Let's see this month, we bought 2 10 ft cheap shelf boards and metal brackets for Drew to put me up a long book shelf across the cabin. That will free up some of our storage space under the bed by getting my books off the floor.
We bought 2 pressure treated step risers and 1 board to cut into steps, so Drew can build stairs into the mobile home. We picked up a paint roller set for $1 and five cans of something <sealer? calking?> for 50cents each at a yardsale... Drew is gonna put the roof sealer stuff we have on the mobile home roof with the roller.
So THREE projects for him, whenever he feels better.

I added more canned meats, veggies, rice, beans, pasta, drink mix and spag sauce to our storage this month. I am giving some food to a couple friends of ours to make room for the new stuff. WHY you might ask??? Because all good prepper/stockpilers ROTATE their food so it doesn't go bad. I can't wait til we get started on remodeling the mobile home. I want a ton of built ins for storage. The piece I am most anxious for and excited about is a double sided storage cabinet with doors on both sides and slanted divided shelfes for my can goods. You put the food in on the "high" side and remove older foods from the "low" side. Each shelf will have dividers so the cans roll straight and stay in place.
In a small space, organization is the key. I want walls of book and movie shelves. Closets for our clothes. Did I ever tell you I am a clothing slut??? LOL I can easily fill 2 wall to wall closets myself. Drew is gonna build a nice linen closet in the bath room too. As I believe in having extra linens and personal hygiene products as well on hand. He keeps reminding me that all these built ins are gonna take up space and that is ok by me, cause that is what we have 6 beautiful wooded acres for!
We really need to get working on our water and weapons/amno storage though. That is sadly lacking. I will be glad when we can get his 40 caliber handgun off layaway! Then we are gonna put some type of rifle or shotgun on layaway.
SOOOOO how about you???

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