Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heading to Karen and Asa's today

Goodmorning everyone. Yesterday Drew enclosed the rabbit hutch with wood and the goat shelter with a heavy duty tarp. Since it doesn't stay cold here for long we are trying to find inexpensive options that will change easily back come spring but keep our babies warm this winter. Today he is gonna work on the chickens and if he is up to it, he will build the steps to the mobile home. We are hoping to buy the elec stuff for the mobile home Nov 1st... I REALLY want my bedroom livable by Xmas, I know it won't be all pretty but as long as we can have an elec heater and a lamp in there, we are good for now. I want a real bedroom!!! Drew is out playing with his piggie Bacon. And Samantha is making breakfast. I started laundry and am taking my coffee break before my friend David and I head to Karen and Asa's house to pick up the last of our stuff over there. I hope everyone has a great day. MsDawn

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