Monday, October 3, 2011

LONG DAY Oct 3rd 2011

WOOHOOO Drew and I had a long day. My son paid me some money he owed me!!!!! Sooooo... We went and did alot of errands, paid all the bills, did food shopping, took Johnny to McDonalds and thrift store shopping. He picked out a shirt, a pair of PJ bottoms, a witch, a scarey mask, a halloween cup, and 2 metal lawn decorations. Found some hay for our goats so got 2 bales while it was available! Drew found a nice outfit at the thrift store and I got some lg storage jars for $1. I put Drew's Xmas present on layaway at the Pawn shop in town where of all places we found the hay. A nice NEW high point 40 caliber hand gun. Got some low carb treats for Sam and I at Walmart and Krogers. We also found some goodies for the trick or treat bags for the halloween party. It was a LONG tiring but VERY successful day. LIFE IS VERY VERY GOOD.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We sure did.

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