Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bitter Cold

It is a bitter 37 degrees here today. Drew and I got alot of rot cut out of the mobile home floor yesterday. I had to buy more plywood and 2x2's. Personally I think we should have skinned the mobile home and replaced all the wood with 2x4s instead of the shitty thin wood they use in mobile homes. But Drew says the whole thing would fall apart if we tried it. So we are gonna spend lots of time and money piece mealing it back in shape. Still haven't heard back from the electrician. I assume the cold spell has him running to help customers. The goats broke out twice yesterday. I will be glad when we can get the drive way fenced in so they can run the whole property. I had my shower and started laundry and made breakfast but it is sooooo cold, I have not started chores yet. Just enjoying my coffee. I hope everyone is well and ready for Xmas. Our shopping is done, we got our ham yesterday. The only thing left is the desert, coleslaw and rolls we like to go with the ham for Xmas and I will get those closer to time.

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