Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yesterday, Drew...Sam and I went to Lowes and got the correct elec wire, treated lumber to finish the steps, nails, screws, wire tape? in a 100ft roll, 25 2x4s, and asst other boards for remodeling the mobile home. The dang materials cost $225 and that was with our discount. I did a bunch of my xmas shopping. Steve, Sam, Bev, Johnny and I moved the yardsale banana boxes and dog food out of the mobile home. Bev donated $100 to the rescue for letting her and Sandman stay with us. Today we are going to look at a Pot Belly Stove for $100 and hopefully Drew will be up to starting on the mobile home or finishing the steps for the bedroom door. I have to mail the grandbaby's Xmas gifts and get a card in the mail for my grandson, sending him a few dollars instead of gifts. We are very very blessed. Life is so good. Today Steve, Johnny and I plan on going through the Xmas decorations and putting some of them up. Steve is gonna use the old paneling from the cabin we tore down to finish Johnny's cabin! Which is awesome.

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