Monday, June 4, 2012

Mon June 4th

Been a long day. Got up and tended all the critters. Put Sandman and Bunny in Johnny's cabin, put the 4 small dogs into the suv. Johnny and I went to the bread store, then picked up Marshia...took her to Cath Church FP,  took her home, then Johnny and I went to the post office and sent off Cameron's box, then we went to Kroger and got a bunch of clearance foods, then to the family dollar to look for shoes for Johnny...they didn't have any but I picked up some clearance shampoo, then on the Walmart .... picked up some clearance meats, sneakers for Johnny and a bag of dog food. I couldn't believe my fs got cut to only $50 for Johnny and I. Set off bomb in cabin before we left. Got home...settled the dogs and scrubbed the nasty fridge and put the groceries away. The swelling in my right leg has gone down but the pain is still horrible. So cleaning the cabin is gonna have to wait til tomorrow.

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