Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sat 6/2/12

This month is gonna be tight. I have to pay all the bills and reg the SUV. UGHHH The lost food is really hurting.

On Mon Johnny and I are gonna bomb the cabin while we go pay the bills and go grocery shopping.

This morning I tended all the critters. Murphy had no water and the others have dirty water. I swear no one takes care of your animals like you do yourself. Murphy's chain to lock his kennel was gone, so I had to find another one, I have said a zillion times... if he gets loose he will kill all my livestock and cats. 2 other kennels weren't locked either.

I can't catch Molly to give her a shot. And I am worried about the wound on her back hind quarter.

I am looking forward to going to Tyler and seeing Paul and my friends tonight.

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