Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thurs 6/14/12

Went to the attorneys. He said Drew and I ARE married. And he is sending the paperwork to Drew about the property and I am not to turn over the truck title til I get the property paperwork signed.

Stopped at a yardsale. I got a floor lamp and 2 different lamp shades, a movie for Johnny, 2 xmas gifts for Johnny, a popcorn tin, a ice tea brewer, a leopard shower curtain, and a couple other odds and ends.

The lady picked up the rest of the scrap metal.

Donna the lady that gave Marshia the bed adopted Bacon for her son. You should have seen us trying to trap the pig, put him in a crate, then getting the crate into her convertible.

Didn't get much at Court FP.

Stopped at Kroger to get the rest of our meds. Got some cleaning stuff and one pack steak on clearance.

Filled up for Dallas trip and now broke for the month.

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