Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tues 6/5/12

Another long day. I didn't go to bed til 4am. I just had so much going thru my mind. Then up by 8 to go run Marshia to try to get stuff for her house... that took 4 hrs, than I went to the feed store, dollar tree and walmart. Got home and Johnny and I tended the dogs. Then took the sofa out to under the tent and brought in one of Johnny's beds for a day bed. We rearranged the cabin to fit in my new massage chair. Then we took all the boxed foods out of the boxes and put them in baggies and into buckets under the day bed. It took us all day. It is now 9:43 pm and we started around 130-2pm. We have to get up at 4, I have to shower, then load the dogs and Johnny and head to houston airport to pick Lenny up.

Paul told me some disturbing things today about someone I once considered a friend. He is also taking a break from the lifestyle to spend time with his family.

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