Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Glad to be home

Murphy... beautiful friendly Pit, neutered

Johnny next to my bed

Our Silver Lace Wynndots

One of my Polish Hens

My Polish and one of the barred rock roosters

Buff Silkie Mix Rooster

My Polish Hens

My Polish rooster

Buff Silkie Mix Rooster

Polish Rooster

Romeo my Drake

Juliet my duck

My dwarf bunny 1.5 yrs old

Gigit and Katie


The girls

My salmon favorelles

Billy our new pygmy boy

My silkies keep flying in Billy's pen
I can't believe it took $190 in gas to go to Plano and home. It was nice staying at Treasure's house in Plano Sun evening to Tues evening and we did pick up 2 nice loads of yardsale items. I can't believe Parkland didn't approve her for free meds. Kim came over to Treasure's to visit and that was a nice surprise. Today Loni and I went to the angel food food pantry and over to the clinic which did give her, her insulin but not the other meds. We did some of our grocery shopping at the 99cents only store in Dallas and did more at Walmart this morning. Dr Martin has decided to stop giving me the hydrocodeine, which sucks... I have been on it for yrs. Tomorrow I have to pick up our RIR rooster in town at 9 am and I think it is the food pantry but I am not sure. Karen came to visit today and I took a nap I was so tired. Long trips always do that to me. Here are some pics from today. I hope you enjoy them.

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