Friday, May 13, 2011

Had to clean all pens due to storm, changed garden area

Chickens checking out the clean pens

Lucky the miracle kitten

Clean Chicken Pen

RIR Rooster

Clean Doe cage

Gizmo visiting Buck's cage

Trixie visiting Dwarf's cage

New use for base of broken dog house

New use for dog house base

Drew and Bob taking break

Bunny visiting with the Polish chickens

Free Ranging

Working on the garden

Chickens ate most of my plants

Drew holding Billy our pygmy baby goat

Johnny, Billy the goat and Drew
Went to town this morning to pick up hay and goat food, and potting soil. With all the storming the last 2 days... all the pens were soaked. We mucked out the 5 chicken pens and the 3 rabbit cages. Had to dump all their foods as it was soaking in water. Cleaned all their nesting boxes and shelters too. Then we rearranged the garden area, put in some seedlings and put up some fencing to keep the chickens out as we found several of our plants ate today. GRRR Here are some pictures. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Karen is here visiting us for the night.

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