Friday, May 20, 2011

Thurs May 19 & Fri May 20th 2011

Went to the food pantry yesterday. Eric and I worked on organizing our pantry when we got back & he cleaned out from under our bed which is no small task. Thankyou Eric. They had to get back to Dallas and left around 430 yesterday. 

For some reason I couldn't sleep last night. I read 2 small romance books, finished organizing our pantry, and deflea'd Diesel in the shower. It stormed some over night and we really need the rain, but dang it...we just got all the kennels moved and clean...sighs! 

Today I am soooo tired, doubt I will do much. I did give the rabbits and goats some romaine lettuce and all the poultry their morning bread treat. 

So much needs done in the cabin, with such a small space and my prepping, we constantly have to rearrange. I will be sooooo happy when we can build our addition. 

Today I am gonna do some more work on our coupons and make a list of Dallas stores and locations as we think a monthly trip to Dallas stores we don't have down here, to get bargains will rock. 

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