Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TODAY May 31st

Been a long day. Drew and I were fighting all morning...grrrr. Went to a three thrift stores... picked up some books, a couple wood shelves, 2 pairs of shorts for Drew, a Spider man case for Johnny, and a back massager. Then to the bread store where we got a garbage bag full of bread for $6...Then to the feed store where we bought flea spray, goat food, oats, alfafa, chicken pellets, chicken scratch, cracked corn, and more antibotics for Lucky the kitten....his abcess seems better today...spent about $113 at the feed store alone. On to Walmart and picked up a spray bottle, black ink for the printer, some nails, wife beater shirts for Drew and a case of canning jars. Drew, Loni and Bobby are over helping Sheila with her house. Johnny spent some time in the pool and I did some laundry and straightened up some. Now I am making hamburg helper and fries for everyone for dinner. Tomorrow we are gonna make a rabbit hutch to keep the rabbits off the wood decking. I will post pics of course. Loni is gonna take pics of our colt today, so I am excited to see those. Paid the phone/internet bill as well as my website bill and our camping reservation for June 22nd. The bills never seem to stop!

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