Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today Thurs May 5th 2011

This morning we went to the food pantry and picked up a RIR rooster. Then we came home and I put the girl rabbits out to exercise and Loni noticed we have babies! 8 new baby bunnys... so we put the girls back in the hutch since we are not sure who the momma is.  My three black silkies have decided they love being in the goat pen and no matter how often we take them out, they fly back in. LOL I had three chickens eating out of my lap today... 2 of the small barred rock and the 1 red sexlink.... we gave the other red sexlink to Karen yesterday. Then we started cleaning the cabin. Drew and Johnny are taking naps. Loni is making supper (Glazed Ham) and Bobby is having a snack. The Polish trio has settled in nicely. They are so beautiful.

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