Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cabin tear down yesterday for salvage in Garland

Yesterday was a horrendously LONG and tiring day. I can't say THANKYOU long or loudly enough to the folks that came out and helped us. The cabin unfortnately looked beautiful but the roof decking and floor was all rotted. Soooo we got all the wood that was good, we were at it til midnight. Working by flashlight even LOL. I have to say PAUL darling YOU ROCK! Drew could never have done it without you. PAUL IS DA MAN! To all those that came and helped, my deepest thanks. Between the house, the neighbor's fence, their fence and a car port and a tree and the width of the alley, there was no way that it could have been moved. THEN Drew and Sam went to Baylor ER cause Drew apparently got bit by a spider and his face & inside his mouth is infected. The Dr says it has caused cellulitis. So he has a ton of meds to get today. Later today Sam and I have appts, and tonight we will unload the truck. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. MsDawn

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