Friday, November 25, 2011

Long Day Fri Nov 25th

Bunny climbing in bed with Bev and Sandman

View of gate from our cabin deck

Beautiful Gates, thanks Michelle ...great job honey!

Drew <face swollen from allergy>


Sandman and Bunny

Sandman has hardly no fur

Wood pile before
Fruit Tree Next to Cabin
Growing Pile
Raked path to bath house
Sam getting ready to do gutters
Billy Lucy and Patty
Our Goats
Cleaning up Troy's Campsite
Sam cleaning gutters
Bev and Sam
Neatly stacked wood pile


Drew finished getting the gate up. Sam cleaned the gutters. I moved one of the wood piles, did some laundry, raked the path to the bath house and burned trash. Troy cut a couple trees and moved his motorhome around. Drew moved the old suv. Bev helped doing various stuff. The place is shaping up. We lost one guinea last night, we think Molly the feral dog got it. We enjoyed leftovers all day. YUM Drew's pickup is not starting, so he also worked on that today. Drew and I will be heading to Dallas tomorrow to see all our friends at our thanksgiving party. I can't wait.
Lyle is still not feeling well.


  1. Thanks ya'll for the clean-up help! Lookin' better every day.

  2. We think so too, we are working on raking more today.