Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nov 5th Yardsale scores!

Yesterday I found myself a $4 cane.

Today Sam and I went to Krogers for more groceries and then to some yardsales, while Drew took Troy to Gilmer, we got a ton of great deals at yardsales...

All metal antique pressure canner for $20!
Fancy gate hinges brand new $5
Fish shower curtain for $1
Deep frying pan .50
Deep fryer $1
hand held shower head $1
metal tongs .50
canning jar .25cents
rice jar .25 cents
Heavy Metal bake pan .50
Plastic tablecloth .50
15 VHS movies .50cents each
2 popcorn tins to use for storing rice .25cents each
New card game .50cents
2-2pk ruber tips for canes .50 each
bunch of pens for .25
Birthday Party Banner for $1
Car Windshield Screen for $1
Milk Crate $1

2 pink baby blankets for Stacy $1 ea
1 grandma shirt for Stacy $1

Xmas Teddy Bear for Johnny $1
Xmas Snowman for Johnny for $1
Eeyore throw blanket for Johnny for $1
Purple shelves for Johnny's Cabin $2

Skull Tshirt for Drew $1
Fisherman Tshirt for Drew $1
Leather Care System for Drew $1
Memory form pillow $1 for Drew
Belt thingie for Drew for .50
Clock Radio for Drew for .50
Wood hand Planer for Drew for $1

Green and Brown shirt for Samantha $1
Zebra Purse for Samantha for $1
Black Purse for Samantha for $1
Red Purse for Samantha for $1
2 Designer Sunglasses for Samantha for $1each
Mouse for Samantha for .50

Winter Bears Throw Blanket for Me $1.50
Pink/Purple Purse for Me for $1
Pink Wallet for Me for .50
Leopard wallet for Me for .50
Seashell purse for Me for $1

Lots of great sales today, wish I had had more money but we are broke for the month now.

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