Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Goodmorning all! It is cold here in east Tx ...only 32 degrees. I don't do cold very well. Steve <the gentlemen who is thinking of moving out here to live with us, and here on a trial visit...bunking in with Johnny my nephew>cleaned dog kennels, raked a bunch of leaves and pine needles up yesterday... put some in the kennels for the dogs to stay warm and cleaned Bacon's <our pot belly pig> kennel. We burned some brush and had a friend Layden down from Corsicana TX.  Today if it warms up I will get back on the laundry with seems never ending. The sick Beagle Lyle seems to be doing better. Bev 
< lady with Pitbull staying with us> is still trying to figure out a way to find a place to live that will take her dog that she can afford. Drew had to go to the hospital yesterday as the cold kills his back, so he spent all day in bed, I hope he will feel better when he wakes up. Samantha's<our roomie> meds don't seem to be right and she wasn't feeling good yesterday either. Talked to Troy our camper about giving him a long term lease yesterday if he wants one as he is a great guy. Today our friend Burette is coming to visit from Tyler, so guess I have to throw some clothes on and clean the cabin. For those that ever lived in a TINY space <16x24 here> with 4 adults, 7 dogs <currently and don't forget Steve's 2 ferrets>... the place gets messy fast! Well I hope everyone has a great day. Right now Bev is doing dishes, Drew...Sam...Johnny & Steve are still in bed and I am enjoying my coffee. Tomorrow is figure out the bills day which I am not looking forward too. Have a Blessed week everyone!

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