Wednesday, November 2, 2011


One long day after another. Yesterday I had my yrly checkup, we picked up our thanksgiving basket, bought goat...pig...chicken and rabbit feed, and unloaded the budget truck. I had horrible charlie horses in my legs over night. Today we took the budget truck back, got some groceries at Angel food, paid on the 40caliber hand gun... bought an elec heater at the pawn store, put a 45 on layaway, bought some clearance clothing for the granddaughter and for xmas gifts at the Dollar General, took Troy to get a burn barrel and his car. Now at home taking a lunch break and then I need to clean the cabin. UGGHHH ... then have to start some laundry. Tomorrow I will go to Cath & Court Pantries, and look for clearance meats at Krogers, Brookshires and Walmart and hopefully finish cleaning the cabin. Fri hopefully we don't have any appts and I can take a break.

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